jazda samochodem

Jazda samochodem i jej cienie

Rozrost miejskich dżungli. Zwiększona mobilność społeczeństwa. Nacisk na szybkość i wygodę. Nie dziwota, że jazda samochodem stała się dla wielu chlebem powszednim. Kąpieli w jej blaskach zaznał bodaj każdy, ale czy pamiętamy o jej ciemniejszych stronach? O nich i słownictwie, z którym możesz mieć styczność – już poniżej.

Jazda samochodem – przykłady angielskiego słownictwa w tekście

Owning an automobile gives you freedom like nothing else. While there is
a bunch of car-related benefits you’ll enjoy (no doubt you all know them
by heart), do not forget they all come at a price.

Take city driving. Slow-moving or jammed traffic gets you to drive nose
to tail
, which might both lead to an occasional bump or nerve wracking. When you run out of patience or get distracted, chances are you end up jumping the lights or failing to give (the right-of-)way, which are both considered reckless driving. The police are likely to put points on your licence for that. In no time will you also have to mount the pavement
(mind high kerbs!) to park your car or peep and creep when exiting
a dead end to join a main road. They are nothing to be jealous of.

Hold your horses if you think being outside the city – on the road – is just fun and games. If you are in a rush, you might be caught speeding
by an unmarked police car or a speed camera and get a hefty ticket. When pulled over by the police, you’d better have your MOT test
and insurance in place. If challenged with a breathalyser, hope you have not been drink driving. To add insult to injury*, drivers should be
uber-focused to refrain from tailgating and hogging the lane, which are both hazardous and annoying.


Jazda samochodem – słowniczek

I to by dziś było na tyle – szerokiej drogi i do kolejnego wpisu!


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